Catering MeNu

All products come vacuum sealed, frozen, easy to store, and ready to reheat. menu items also change seasonally based on availability and local produce. (Please call in or email to inquire for updates). Our vacuum sealed products are ideal for vila rentals, chartered yachts, and bare boaters.

we also provide catering of hot and fresh food to a variety of functions with your choice of hiring a chef on site. If you have a function and an idea, give us a call! 


Breakfast Options

Seasonal Fruit Smoothie packages - Start the day with a fresh wholesome smoothie- all blended and pre packaged to fit perfectly into your freezer. Awesome!

Banana Bender -Includes coconut cream, local honey, vanilla, and bananas + other seasonal fruits, vacuum sealed and frozen (almond milk or dairy - please specify) $6 per serve

Add Supper Green Protein powder for an extra $2 per serve

Breakfast berry - Includes Almond milk or cows milk (please specify), Oats, flaxseed, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, yogurt. $7 per serve 2 serves per package

Green Flash - Includes fresh local Kale, spinach, local honey, banana, organic peanut butter, pineapple pieces, almond milk and greek yogurt. super yum! $8 per serve 2 serves per package

Leave out the Lactose?

Let me know if you would like to customise your smoothie with the available ingredients prior to the charter of villa arrival date. I got you covered!


Breakfast Wraps - vacuum sealed and frozen, comes with 10’’ wraps 

  • Shredded BBQ Chicken, chopped pineapple, shredded cheddar $8 per serve

  • Pulled BBQ Pork, shredded cabbage, garlic aioli $10 per serve

  • Slow Cooked Beef and red pepper with chopped potato hash$10 per serve

  • Ham, shredded cheddar, chopped tomato$8 per serve

  • 4 Bean, shredded cheddar, garlic aioli$8 per serve

  • Roasted Veggie and quinoa with fresh herbs$8 per serve

All wrapped up and ready to heat, or have cold. Delicious and healthy ready to go meal. Also a fantastic lunch option.


Lunch Options


  • Choice of shredded pork, shredded chicken, 4 beans, or fish.

Fillings come vacuum sealed and frozen. All tacos come with shredded cabbage, pineapple salsa, taco shells, and Captain’s special sauce 

(1/4 cup of filling per serving - 3 servings / tacos per order)

$12 per order   /   $14 fish or pork order


Chicken or Veggie Masala - Authentic Guyanese Masala made with local veggies

Comes vacuum sealed and frozen, two portions per package $12

Make your Masala a Roti - Order a side of our freshly made roti shells, heat to warm, add masala inside, and fold. Comes with house chutney $3 per roti with chutney


Quinoa Salad VEGAN - We incorporate our local roasted veggies into a colorful quinoa salad based on what is available locally and seasonally comes house dressing 

$8 per serve (2 portions per serving)

With feta $3 per serve

Add two portions of BBQ vacuum sealed chicken for $5

Add one 6oz portion of vacuum sealed Faro Island Salmon for additional $10


Dinner Options

Soup Starters  $12 (two portions per packages)

  • Local pumpkin, coconut milk, ginger, and herb (Vegan)

  • bean and kale soup (vegan)

  • 4 bean chili (Vegan)

  • Slow cooked beef and tomato


Stir Fry with our tamarind sauce - local veggies in home made tamarind sauce with chicken or vegetarian $8 per serve/family pack $40 (serves 6)

Ribs in Pork Jus - ribs cooked in house bbq sauce, and vacuum sealed in their own Pork Jus

$10 (6 ribs per portion) 


Spiral Pasta with choice of sauce: Slow Cooked Beef Bolognese or Vegetarian Marinara

(1 cup per serving)

2 serving per package $12

4 servings per package $24



Beef or Vegetarian 

$10 each slice - large slice packed with fillings and italian pasta.


Slow cooked Beef Lasagna

Slow cooked Beef Lasagna

Tossed Local Veggie Salad - 

Seasonally, we provide a blend of chopped herbs and leafy greens that come fresh and last for about 3 - 4 days. This option of tossed salad greens does not come vacuumed, as not to damage the fresh produce included. Great for putting together a salad or adding greens to any meal. Comes with house dressing. (Approximately 1 cup per serving)

2 Servings per package $12

add feta or goats cheese $3 per serve




Coconut pudding (2 servings per package) $8

Crepes with Peach Cinnamon Filling (2 servings per package) $8

Luscious lemon cake with lemon curd. $5 per serve

Whip Cream (1 can) $8

Panna cotta with local guava berry sauce. $6 per serve

Charter Pleasers for an easy, tasty option for the chef…Let Captain’s Kitchen do the slow cooking!

Pulled Pork - slow cooked pulled pork with our 5 spice seasoning in a juicy sauce. Perfect on its own, in crispy bread rolls, bbq plates or with rice. $25 lb


Roasted Veggies -  vacuum sealed local oven roasted veggies / changes seasonally (two portions) $10, 6 portions $20

Add Seasoned Rice to any meal for $8 (2 servings)

10 serves $30

Avocado Halves, vacuum sealed and frozen $2.50 per half (keeps frozen up to three months)

Garlic Bread - 8in baguette par cooked $5 each

Captain’s Tahini Hummus- filled with local herbs, chickpeas, fresh citrus, seasoning and tahini. vacuum sealed and frozen $8 (8oz)

Peach Chutney $8 per bottle

Lobster and Seafood options

  •  Fresh cut and cleaned lobster halves. $15 per pound (minimum of 2 lb) lobsters comes with our basting butter sauce. (4 days notice with the lobsters to catch and clean as they are going to be super fresh) Let me know if you would like them out of the shell, makes sense if you are not eating them right away and have minimal freezer space. I will professionally seal individually and season if desired for no extra cost.

  • Whole plate size snapper seasoned and packaged $10 each

  • Shrimp kebabs 6 shrimp seasoned per kebab $8

    Seafood Platter

  • 4 Lobster cut and cleaned in shell or out.

  • 4 whole snapper seasoned and sealed (down island fish)

  • 8 shrimp kebabs

  • 2 garlic bread on crispy baguette


Coming Soon

Add Rid Eye 8oz steaks - available from January 18th

New Zealand Rack of Lamb -available from January 18th

Lamb lollipops with mint yogurt sauce -available January 18th

Organic Chicken whole or portioned -available January 29th

 Captain’s Kitchen - from farm to fork restaurant reopens February end with our menu favourites and some more tasty healthy options. Lunch and Dinner! Stay tuned



Please take a look over our menu, and send us an email as to what you may be interested in. We will then respond with a tentative invoice and request for payment and delivery options. Alternatively, you may call us directly at our number listed below for orders, or any questions.

+1 284 440 7149